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If your wondering what the heck is Employee Churn?  It is the overall turnover in an organization's staff as existing employees leave and new ones are hired. This includes voluntary and involuntary departures.

Below are some reason why employees leave...

  • Advancement — If employees feel like there’s no room to grow, either laterally or vertically, they may start to look for a company with such opportunities.
  • Leadership — When staff members feel disconnected from leadership, it can affect the way they perceive their position and personal value.
  • Compensation — Failing to offer additional compensation for tenured or high-performing employees can drive them to look for companies that will.
  • Benefits — Company benefits that don’t effectively meet the wants and needs of your employees may be a significant factor in their decision to leave.
  • Stress — All other variables held equal, companies with high-stress positions are far likelier to experience turnover than those with low-stress ones.