How much will your lifestyle cost?

With the right college degree, the world is your oyster. But how do you fit that dream career into your dream lifestyle?

We want to send you into the future with the skills and salaries you need to create the life you envision. Crunch some numbers with us to get started!

Tell us about your future:

Typical home in hawaii

1. Where do you see yourself living?

Vacation home in the mountain

2. Will you purchase a vacation home?

Image of cars

3. What type of vehicle will/do you drive?

Buying a new car

4. How often will you buy a new vehicle?

Picture of a baby wrapped in a towel

5. How many keiki (kids) do you see in your future?

Child daycare center

6. What about childcare?

Image of graduation cap and stack of money

7. What about College. Who’s footing the bill?

Woman having her hair styled

8. How much do you spend on your looks, wardrobe, and grooming?

Woman reading in a hammock

9. How much dough will your hobbies and partying set you back?

Collage of travel images

10. How much do you intend to travel?

Retired couple sitting on a boat dock

11. Ah, retirement time. What do you envision?

Person being helped into a wheelchair

12. Mom and Dad are in their golden years. Are you taking care of them?

Boy sitting by a lake

Your Life Will Cost...

  • Your estimated lifestyle will cost:
  • Your average household incomes needs to be: (Yearly)
  • Your average salary (if there are two of you) needs to be: (Yearly)
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