Click the statement(s) below that best describes you.

Each statement links to a group (Career Cluster) of jobs and industries that are related by skills or products. As such, it helps students discover their interests and their passions, and empowers them to choose the educational pathway that can lead to success in high school, college and career.

Some professional fields require you to major in a certain degree field, others require transferable skills that can be gained through a variety of fields of study. These skills may also be gained through experiential learning, group projects, and internships. Entry level education displayed is the highest level of education a person had when they got hired. The education level shown is the largest percent of new hires (nationally) and because wages are based on experience, education, and skills starting pay can be higher or lower.

I like working outdoors and I'm interested in environmental issues

I like working with my hands and performing work that requires precise results

I have an active imagination and enjoy creative and artistic activities

I'm organized and like to be the leader in a group

I enjoy school and I like helping people overcome their challenges

I like math, I'm trustworthy, and I'm good at analyzing detailed information

I believe in public service and can work cooperatively with others

I like helping people and animals and I work well under pressure

I enjoy working with people and I'm good at multi-tasking

I have good communication skills and like to help people be at their best

I like working with computers and solving complex problems

I work well under pressure and believe in public service and safety

I like working with my hands, using tools and peforming activities that produce tangible results

I'm outgoing and enjoy communicating my ideas to other people

I like math and science and enjoy figuring out how things work or finding the best way to do something

I like to travel and design efficient processes or solve mechanical problems